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Term of Use

This fb-keepvid.com "Term Of Use" describes the terms and conditions on which fb-keepvid.com ("fb-keepvid") offer services to you.

By using fb-keepvid services, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. The use of fb-keepvid.com is governed by Polish law with the following modifications and explanations to be considered.
  2. Website Users are entitled to use the portal content (Materials) only for their own personal private use and are responsible for the data (e.g. URLs) which it sends to the fb-keepvid service. It is recalled that other forms of using the content of the Portal, in addition to the said personal private use, in particular copying, reproducing and modifying data, information, materials placed on the Website without the express consent of the Service Provider or User who has the right to the content is forbidden. Remember that actions incompatible with applicable law, in particular regarding respect for intellectual and artistic property, may lead to the initiation of compensation proceedings and illegal exchange of recordings and protected works is detrimental to artistic work.
  3. fb-keepvid is meant for downloading online videos for the personal use ("fair use"). Any further use of the content downloaded by fb-keepvid, particularly but not exclusively making the content publicly accessible or using it commercially, must be agreed upon with the holder of the rights of the respective downloaded content.
  4. The user takes full responsibility for all actions related to the data transmitted by fb-keepvid. fb-keepvid does not grant any rights to the contents, as it only acts as a technical service provider.The user carries the responsibility for checking the legitimacy of his use of fb-keepvid. The legitimacy of using this service may differ in the users country through local laws. fb-keepvid only provides the technical platform. Hence, fb-keepvid does not take liability towards the user or any third party for the permissibility of downloading content through fb-keepvid.
  5. fb-keepvid respects the intellectual property rights of others, and requests you to do the same. fb-keepvid also has a team in place that’s putting in extra effort to mitigate the possibility of copyright infringing activities using its platform by actively seeking out and disabling the possible conversion of commercial copyrighted materials. If you’re a content creator/owner, copyright owner or an agent thereof and would like to disable the possible use of fb-keepvid platform to convert your publicly available content(s), please kindly send us a request via e-mail with the information stated below and we will blacklist the content(s) in our system within 24 hours.
    E-mail: office@fb-keepvid.com
    The URL(s) of the content(s) you want us to block.
    A form of electronic or physical evidence showing that you have the rights to the content(s).
    Contact information that is reasonably sufficient to permit us to contact you, such as an address, telephone number, and a valid e-mail address.
  6. fb-keepvid is a free service, which does not offer any guarantee of any kind as for its use.