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The facebook user community is growing every month. The amount of video content available on Fb begins to outgrow the amount of video material published on other popular video sites such as Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion and grow at a surprising pace. Facebook is publishing more and more movies trying to match YouTube's monopoly as a video sharing platform. While the amount of video content available is still significantly higher on YouTube, Facebook's investments in video infrastructure seem to pay off. That's why nearly 85 percent of the videos shared on Facebook are native videos compared to 10 percent of YouTube videos shared on Facebook. However, downloading movies from Facebook is a difficult task compared to the ease of sharing them with other users. Many people would like to download some of these videos to their computer or mobile. We have designed the best facebook video downloader you can find on the web. Now you can download all video from facebook and save it in video format in large and small resolution and convert these files to MP3 music files as well. Our solutions are as intuitive and as simple as possible. Simple interface, clear graphics and quick operation make Youtube Video Downloader the best solution for those who want to enjoy video from facebook on their devices. Share this application with your friends and family and enjoy facebook resources without restrictions. Download the video for free now and without any limits or hidden fees.

Facebook downloader is a website that was created to download video content from facebook resources for mobile phones or computers. Each downloaded video can be converted into high-resolution or low-resolution MP4 video files or an audio file in mp3 or m4a format. You do not have to pay anything to download video to your device. All you have to do is look at what you would like to have on your phone or computer when you browse through video. Click on this video and select the option "share" and then select "copy link" then go to our site and paste the link in the window at the very top of the page. Facebook downloader will find the selected material and now you only have to click the „download” to get it.

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Yes, you can run our downloader through any browser installed in your phone. Regardless of whether you have a phone with osx, android or windows phone. You can also go to Windows Store and download the application dedicated to your phone. Any solution you choose Facebook downloader will work perfectly and allow you to download video content directly to your phone's storage. Then you can save them anywhere and watch whenever you want.

This is a very useful function of Facebook Downloader. More and more people are sharing their covers or other recordings on FB. Facebook Downloader allows you to download any video material from Facebook and its conversions to an mp3 file. Just paste the link with the material you want to convert to mp3, select the music format and click on the download. The conversion process takes a few to several minutes and then the music material is downloaded to your phone or computer.